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Recent Designs & Creations

This Halloween I modified and printed a Sans (from UnderTale) mask for my Son and a Soul Eater Schythe and costume buts for my Daughter.

Sans Mask
Sans of UnderTale.
Schythe from Soul Eater
Maka's Schythe from Soul Eater.

3D Printing Day Photos.

On December 3rd 2015, we participated in the 3D Hubs #3dprintingday. Today we've uploaded the Pics for your enjoyment. 

What happened to the store?

There are so many other stores out there. If we can provide a unique and compelling store in the the future, we'll re-open.

In the meantime, we will make a list of all the printed parts we were selling through the store, and how you can still get them through our 3D Printing Service.

Wallace G1 Build instructions.

Note: Sorry for delays in completing the build instructions. We will finish the text and add pictures later or use pictures from completed units.

The first page of our Wallace G1 Build instructions are now available in the How-To section.

Plastic Bed Lower added. 3-9-2015

Plastic Bed Upper added 3-24-2015

Base Assembly added 4-2-2015

Mounting Bed Lower added 4-10-2015

Z-Motor mounting added 6-3-2015

Z-Coupler & Motion Rods added 6-15-2015

Adding Z-Stage added 7-28-2015

1.75mm ABS filament now available!

We have Black ABS Filament, 1.75mm size in stock! The rest of the colours should be arriving soon.

Introducing the Wallace G1 and The Protoformer 1 Printers!

The Wallace G1 is our take on the 8mm Wallace design with our complete Rack & Pinion drive train, Stabilizer ends and Filament Spool Hook.

The Protoformer 1 is our deluxe dual head printer. It has remote driven extruders offering less drool and smear on a dual head design. This printer also comes with our Rack & Pinion drive, two filament Spool Hooks and the frame is Extended Aluminum for stiffness.

Also the X-Stage runs on the Aluminum frame removing the flex/wobble from 8mm rods.

You can see the prototype running in a video on YouTube.

We've Done it! Wallace Full R&P

You may have seen our Rack & Pinion Y drive for the Wallace 8mm printer.

Well now we've completed the job and put R&P on the X-carriage.

You can see it in action on our Modified Wallace.


1KG ABS filament Spools now available!

After much searching and testing, we have found a supplier of 1kg spools of ABS that we like and we think you will too!

Not only is the plastic good, it is professionally packaged.

Available in a Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, Grey, White and Silver!

Rainbow of colours
A Rainbow of colours.
Grey Scale
Grey Scale.
Silver Unpacked
Silver Unpacked.
Packing includes:
Box, Vacuum Bag,
Wrap & Desiccant.

What can you do with a 3D printer?

Besides parts and additions for 3D printers?

  • Custom chess pieces are popular.
  • As are custom Game pieces.
  • Cart shells for old game consoles.
  • Repair parts for things around the home.

Just about anything you can think of, including Corporate/Industrial design prototyping.

You can find a world of thinks to be printed on Thingiverse.

If you just want something printed, just contact us.

Wallace R&P

We have just made Your Wallace easier to maintain!

Adding our Rack & Pinion drive to the bed, removes the trouble of re-tensioning the belts underneath!

You can see it in action on our test bench.

 What we can do.

  • 3D Printing using FFF technology. (Fused Filament Fabrication)
  • Prototyping (printing or help design 3D objects for you)
  • Small runs >1000 units.
  • 3D Printer Plastic Parts
     Prusa, Wallace, GP1 (Coming Soon)

 What We've Done!

Printed 700 'Lucy the Cat' Key-chains.

Free For a local charity.

Assorted Rings
700 Lucy the Cat Key-chains.

Designed a spool hook for the Ecksbot 3D printer.

Hook in use.

You can Buy one in our Store or you can get the files to print your own Here

Found it worked So well we redesigned it for the Prusa 3D printer.

Prusa Hook in use.

Youyou can get the files to print your own Here

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