About our 3D Printers

This is the list of Printers we sell or are experimenting with.

Common Features

All the printers we work with have a PCB heated bed with a 200mm x 200mm (8in x 8in) surface area. Not all models can use all the surface area.

All the Extruders take a standard screw or slot mount hot end. We currently recommend the J-head from Hotends.com

A minimum 12V 20Amp power supply is recommended. We will be carrying a 12V 30Amp supply soon. Standard PC supplies do work, but cheap ones will need a load on the 5V line to get the full Amps out of the 12V line. Plus a jumper wire to keep them on.

Prusa 1

Prusa 1 3D Printer

An entry level printer. Well documented and well understood by many.

There are a great many options to expand and enhance this printer. Once you get it running, you can tailor it to your liking.

Typical usable build area, 185x195x100mm
More X area can be gained by using a smaller Extruder or other means.

Prusa i2 Modified

Our Take on the Prusa i2

The Prusa i2 as originally released, had some minor issues.

The RepRap Community had made many modifications to the original. Improving it immensly.

We have taken many of the improvements and upgrades, plus some of our own design, and included them into our kit. Giving you the best of this upgraded design.

That's our plan anyway. We're still working on the X-ends.

Wallace 8mm

A minimalist printer based on the PrintR Bot concept. Requiring fewer Rods, nuts and bolts than the Prusa line of printers.

Like the PrintR Bot the Wallace was originally designed for small 100mm x100mm (4"x4") print beds.

The original design files had an option to use 8mm rod and 200mm x200mm print bed, So we up scaled it.

Inspite of the lack of frame, Our Wallace has printed up to 200mm(8") high objects with no visible sign of wobble.

Wallace G1

Rack & Pinion X/Y Drive!

We are not fans of the belt drive under the Y bed. Trying to keep the belt taunt under there is a pain.

To alleviate our pain we implemented a Rack & Pinion drive for the bed.

Our tests show that the R&P Drive works just as well as a properly tensioned belt and needs less maintenance.

To round out our printer, we implemented an X R&P drive too.

Now there are NO belts to tighten

You can now order the plastic parts kit or fully assembled printer in our store.


How printable can a 3D Printer be?

RonThomp 3D Printer

This printer is a Prusa derivative only the A frame sides have been replaced with a printed A frame. The motors have also been moved to the bottom to reduce wobble/strain on the Plastic Frame.

We have stopped testing on this.

Although we liked the concept, we found the execution unworkable for a production unit.

The plastic A frame seemed strong enough, just too fiddly trying to slide each section to exactly the right size and tighten into place.

If we were to re-design it, the frame parts would stop at precise connecting points and be the right size/shape when bolted together.

We may look at this again when we have more time to re-design the frame to our liking.

Protoformer 1

A more solid/Durable design based on the Wallace.

Using Aluminum extrusions as the main frame it is very solid. We also use the Aliminum frame as the guides for the X-stage eliminating wobble due to standard rods.

Our dual head design uses remote driven extruders for the most accurate control.

Of course we used our R&P drive on this printer too.

Full View Protoformer 1 printer
Protoformer 1 printer
Full Front
Dual Head
Dual Head, Remote Drive Extruders
Remote Drive Extruders
Remote Drive Extruders