3D Printing.

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3D Print

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Prints in ABS plastic are $0.60 per cm3, with a $7.50 per plate set-up.

We will calculate the number of plates, amount of plastic and time needed to print your objects. Then send you an estimate detailing costs and time.

Shipping will be charged after the print is done to calculate actual shipping charges, as shipping is based on both weight and size.


The thinner the layer height the less you can see them in the print. However thinner layers require more passes of the machine so take longer to print and cost more.


How much plastic vs space inside the parts.

The denser the part the longer it will take to print. Density also affects strength.

Densities recommended

Fill Style

The style of infill can also affect the strength.

The parts we sell are .2mm layer height, filled at 20% using a Hexagon fill pattern. This gives us Excellent strength with a reasonable print time.

For more information, you can reach us through our Contact page.