Wallace GP1 Build Instructions
Part 2
Bed Assembly

Plastic Bed
Step 1

Bed LowerParts

Parts needed:

Y-Rack Sub AssemblyY-Rack parts


Thread Rack onto 6mm rod to about the middle. Thread nuts on either side of Rack to hold in place. Do Not Tighten, as some minor adjustments may be needed later.

Y-Rack assembled.

Bed Lower Assembly:

Parts needed:

Thread Y-Rack assembly into Bed Lower Back. Teeth should face flat side of Rack mount or to the Left. Pinion should fit with collar up.

Thread Bed Lower Front onto Y-Rack Assembly.
Add Front
Insert Smooth Rods through front holes.
Insert Smooth Rods
Add Liner Bearings to the Smooth Rods.
Add LM8UU bearings
Push Rods through to Back mounts.
Follow through
Plastic Bed Lower assembly Done.

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