Wallace GP1 Build Instructions
Part 3
Bed Assembly 2

Plastic Bed
Step 2

Bed UpperParts

Parts needed:

Check Front/Back

Front Assembly


The wing on the left of this picture is the Rear wing. Be sure you have both Rear wings before continuing.

Overlap Wing sections

Overlap both Rear wings. Insert screw with washer into center front hole. Add washer and nut to underside. Tighten snugly.

Screw added

Repeat with Front wings


Attaching Heater plate:

Parts needed:

Use a M3 screw to press all the M3 nuts into the spaces on the underside of the wings. Insert Screws

Place screw through PCB and Spring top plastic. Place sprint into grooves on wings and into top plastics.
Add Spring & Screw
Push spring into hole in wing. Press wing and PCB together while tightening screw. Once screw catches in nut, you can release pressure. Tighten gently until spring is closed.
Tighten down gently.
Repeat for Left side.
2nd spring
Now Attach the back.
Do Back next
Check alignment of Lower assembly. Adjust lower assembly to match holes.
Align Lower
Leave top and bottom separate for now. It will make final assembly easier.

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