Wallace GP1 Build Instructions
Part 4
Base Assembly

Motor Blocks
Step 1


Parts needed:

Check Front/Back

Z-Rod Installation

Drop nut into Rod hole and jiggle into approximate place or use longer screw to insert nut through view hole.

Thread M3x10 screw in from back. It may take a couple tries to get the nut to lay flat and engage screw.

Once screw has engaged nut, tighten until nut bottoms out in nut trap.

Now back screw out until end can't be seen when looking down the Rod hole.
Overlap Wing sectionsTop View

Repeat with other screw and nut.

Screw addedScrew 2

Insert Z-Rod. Press firmly down until it bottoms out.

Now tighten screws to secure in place. Snug is sufficient.

Rod all the way down.Snug down screws
Repeat for second block.
Two Z-Rods in Motor blocks

Assemble Base:Parts

Parts needed:

Insert the 440MM Threaded Rods into a Motor mount. You can use a motor and Motor foot end to check enough threaded rod is through, or measure 45mm beyond block. (If using 370mm there should be just a bit more than needed to hold the nut and washer.)

Insert Threded Rods Insert Threded Rods Remove Foot end. Place washers and thread on Nuts. Use combination square or other square ruler to verify rods are 90° before tightening nuts.
Tighten nuts
Thread on another pare of nuts and washers. Slide Bed mount down until 55mm away from Motor Block.

Note: The following nuts can be used to persuade parts to move down if they jam. Jamming usually means it got a little skewed.

Leave washers and nuts loose. The bearing holders will fill the gap.
Bed Foot 1 Bearing mount
Repeat with Y-Motor Mount and next Bed Mount. Bed mounts should be 112mm apart. Y-Motor mount will be adjusted into place when adding Bed.
Y motor mount and second Bed Mount
Slide on left Motor Block to 86mm from last Bed Mount. Only finger tighten as X-Carriage will guide exact placement.
Left Motor Block
 Get a Coffee, Have a rest. :)

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