Wallace GP1 Build Instructions
Part 5
Mounting Bed Lower

Step 1


Parts needed:

Pinion, Nut and screw

Motor Pinion Assembly

Insert Nut into slot of Pinion.

Thread M3x10 screw in until through nut.

Leave shaft hole open.

Insert NutInsert screw

Press Pinion onto Motor shaft until shaft flush with top of shaft. Leave screw loose in case vertical adjustments are necessary.

Pinion added

NOTE: Motor should NOT be mounted when installing Pinion.

Mounting Y-Motor

insert 2 M3x10 screws WITH Washers into an Mspacer. Align Screws with left side holes of Y-Motor Mount. Place Motor with wires facing left under Y-Motor Mount. Screw together.

MSpacerY-Motor Mounted

Place Bed Lower assembly on Bed feet. Slide Rack under Pinion collar. Align and press Lmu88 bearings into right foot.

Now Slide bearing holders over bearings. Tighten nuts. Snug is sufficient.

Bed placementBearing holders
Adjust left Bed foot to match left rod and bearings.
Slight miss alignment.Aligned
Slide Switch bearing holder on front and another bearing holder on back. Tighten screws.
Bearing holders

Adjust Rack & Pinion:Position Y-Motor

Move Y-Motor mount away from Rack until there is just a little play.

To check 'play' hold Pinion and attempt to move Rack.

Gently turn left nuts to bring Pinion closer to rack. Check play.

When there is no play, adjust right nuts in. Check play again.

If play has returned, turn right nuts back a fraction and move left nuts in.

When both sets of nuts are snug and there is no play, you may tighten down the nuts. Equally on both sides.

When finished, there should be no play between the Pinion and the Rack and almost no pressure on the Rack from the pinion.

Tighten Pinion

Tighten screw on Pinion.

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