Wallace GP1 Build Instructions
Part 7
Mounting Z-Motion Rods

Step 1


Parts needed:

Z-Coupler Set-up

Put M3 Screw through holes.

Put both halves together as shown.

Screws inserted.

Thread on M3 nuts and tighten screws until nuts reach bottom of nut holders. Then loosen screws and open space between couplers.

Thread on nutsTighten

Open Coupler up

Thread a nut on to the threaded rod, then thread rod into Z-coupler. Use nut to ensure rod is properly aligned in coupler. Tighten rod end screws. Leave small gap between Z-coupler halves.

Rod insertedTighten around Z-threded rod
Press Z-coupler onto Z-motor shaft. Tighten motor end screws leaving small gap.

Repeat with other side. Remove M8 nuts.
Press onto Motor shaftTighten Motor end screws

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