Wallace GP1 Build Instructions
Part 8
Installing X-Stage And
setting X Bed alignment

Step 1

Base Assembly

Parts needed:

Place or clip Bed Assembly onto Bed Lower on Base assembly.

Adding X-Stage Assembly

Place X-Stage over smooth rods.

Gently slide it down, ensuring the threaded rods go into their holes.

Slid onto threaded rods.

Thread the threaded rods through the nuts by turning the Z-couplers at the base.

Thread on nuts Close-up

Continue threading.

Near Bottom

Part 2 Bed Alignment

Slide the X-Carriage over to the Right until about .5cm from the right.

The White line on the Heat bed should be just right of where the Hotend would be.

Remove Bed Upper assembly and adjust if necessary.
Right edge of BedView 2
Now move the X-Carriage to the left.

There should be more than enough room for the extruder motor when the white line is center or just left of where the Hotend would be.

Left Alignment 2nd view
Now that the Bed is adjusted, we can bolt it together.

You will need the 6 16mm M3 screws, nuts and washers.
6 16mm screws, nuts & washers
Put the screws through the washers and thread into the front holes.
Inserting screws.screw down
Add nuts to bottom. turn screws until nuts enter traps and the bar clamps flex a bit.
Repeat on back end.
Nut in TrapBack end done.

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