Wallace G1 Build Instructions
Part 1

Parts List:

Threaded Rods 8mm:

  • 2x 440mm for Base(Old)
  • 2x 370mm for Base(New)
  • 3x 370mm for Feet and Top
  • 2x 270mm for Z motion

Threaded Rods 6mm:

  • 1x 280mm Y-Rack
  • 1x 360mm X-Rack

Smooth Rods 8mm:

  • 2x 445mm Z
  • 2x 280mm Y Bed(Old)
  • 2x 300mm Y Bed(New)
  • 2x 390mm X

Bed Wood:

  • 2x Bed Mounts
  • 2x Bed Rack Mounts
  • 285x225mm board

Nuts and Bolts:

  • 22x 8mm Nuts
  • 14x 8mm washers
  • 13x M3x10 screws
  •   8x M3x16 screws
  •   2x M3x50 screws
  •   6x M3x35 screws
  • 20x M3 nuts
  • 12x M3 washers


  • 2x Base Block with Z motor mounts
  • 2x Bed Feet
  • 3x Y-Bearing holders
  • 1x Y-Bearing holder with Switch
  • 1x Y-Motor Mount
  • 1x Z-motor stabilizer foot
  • 1x Z-motor stabilizer with Hook
  • 1x X-Stage Left
  • 1x X-Stage Right
  • 1x X-Carriage
  • 2x Top bar bracket
  • 2x Rack
  • 2x Pinion
  • 5x spacers

Bed Plastic:

  • Bed Front Wings 1&2
  • Bed Rear Wings 1&2
  • Bed Lower Front & Back aka (New Bed Mounts 1&2)
  • 4 Spring Tops

Step 1 X-Stage Assembly

X-Carriage Parts Parts needed:


Load LM8UUs


Insert 2 LM8UU liner bearings into each X-End. They may just slide in from one end. If not insert into each end. (Top/Bottom)

Insert 3 LM8UUs into the X-Carriage. 1left side top, 1 right side top and 1 left side bottom.

If you haven't already, Now is the time to lubricate the LM8UU bearings.

Suggested lubricants:

Oils are not recommended.

X-Carriage on Rods

Installing X Smooth Rods

Slide the 2 390mm smooth rods into the liner bearings on the X-Carriage.

Now we will clamp the bottom bearing into place.

Insert 1 M3 x 10 screw into the upper hole of the Bottom bearing clamp.

Use hole in motor plate to tighten screw.

Hold M3 nut in bottom nut trap until screw firmly in place.

Screw & Driver Screw in place X-Ends added

Add X-Ends to smooth rods. Be sure the clamps are on the same side as the motor plate and that the smaller hex opening is at the top.

If you haven't already, insert the 8mm nuts into the X-Ends. It is easiest to thread them partly on to the end of a threaded rod and push them down.

Insert 8mm nuts

Please ignore the Rack assembly in these pics.

8mm nut inserted

X-Rack Sub AssemblyX-Rack parts


Thread Rack onto 6mm rod to about the middle. Thread nuts on either side of Rack to hold in place. Do Not Tighten, as some minor adjustments may be needed later.

X-Rack assembled.
X-Rack end clamps

Use Pinion to verify Rack orientation as in picture and thread X-Rack clamps on so that the screw holes are on top and the nut trap is facing you.

Attach Rack to X-Stage with 50mm 3M screws.

Attaching Rack to X-Stage

X-Stage Complete

Complete X-Stage

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